Haddington Sprint Triathlon

The 2019 Haddington Sprint Triathlon will take place on Sunday 25th August.

Enter now at https://www.entrycentral.com/Haddington-Sprint-Triathlon


The swim comprises 30 lengths of the 25m pool. There are seven heats of swimmers, with 6 swimmers per lane. Swimmers within each lane start at five second intervals – you will be given a hat colour and start order when you are poolside. To allow the event to run to time you must be able to swim 750 metres in a time of around 25 minutes or less.

Start time and heat lists are displayed at registration. Slower swimmers are in early heats with the fastest swimmers going off in the last heat. The first heat starts at 9.00am.

Heats and lanes are allocated according to the time predicted on your entry form. It is vital to the smooth running of the event and to be fair to others that you predict your swim time accurately, so please do a timed session before the event. To correct your swim time please email eltc@live.co.uk  no later than midnight on Sunday 18th August. Changes after this time cannot be taken into consideration as swim heats will have been finalised.


It is compulsory to wear a correctly adjusted cycle helmet.

The route is on public roads. Cyclists should take care at all times and must obey the Highway Code including traffic signs and police directions. Marshals at junctions can give directions only and cannot control / direct traffic.

No cycling in the transition area – mount after leaving – dismount before re-entering. Your bike must be re-racked correctly.

This is a non-drafting race (i.e. you must not be within 10 metres of the cyclist in front). Rules will be enforced and penalties applied. Details of the cycle route is available at the following link:



The route is virtually all off road but will be a variety of surfaces – tarmac, grass, cinder track and (hopefully dry) forest track. Road shoes are usually sufficient for the whole run. The route can be found on the following link:


Runners must obey signals from police and marshals. Take care near roads. Be considerate to all other pedestrians.


There is limited parking near the Aubigny Sports Centre. Please do not park along the run and cycle routes. Instead use the car parks at Kings Meadow Primary School in Neilson Park Road or the council car park behind the corn exchange (also off Neilson Park Road). The town centre is also only 400 metres from Aubigny Centre, as you can walk through Neilson Park.  Please do not use the car park opposite the Maitlandfield Hotel (junction of Sidegate and Mill Wynd) as this minimises the impact on the congregations of the local churches and therefore gives us a safer race (as church-goers are then not trying to park on the cycle route)


Changing and shower facilities are available free to competitors in the Aubigny Centre. Lockers require £1 deposit.

There is a café selling soup, coffee, sandwiches etc and a play park across the road in Neilson Park for those bringing younger children with them.

The swimming pool re-opens to the public from 12.30pm.


Results will be available at www.eltcuk.com as soon after the event as possible.