North Berwick Novice Triathlon

The 2019 North Berwick Novice Triathlon will take place on Sunday 12th May. The event will go live on Entry Central in Feb/March. Please keep an eye on our website and Facebook for updates.

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The swim is 250m – 10 lengths of the 25m indoor pool. There will be two heats with swimmers are set off at 15 second intervals. The swim follows a ladder format; this will be clearly explained in the race briefing.


The 5.75 mile cycle route is a loop along quiet local roads, with only one right hand turn. The route will be clearly marked with signs and marshals. Bear in mind that marshals are not authorised to stop traffic. Cyclists should be aware that there are a number of sharp bends and narrow roads. Slip streaming (drafting) is not allowed. You must wear a helmet during the cycle and at all times when walking or running with your bike. You should take great care on the public roads and must obey the Highway Code at all times. On your return to the sports centre you will be guided to the transition area where you should dismount and re-rack your bike.

A map detailing the cycle route is here


The 2.6 mile run follows the cycle route for just over a mile at which point you will be directed to turn and run back to the finish line at the sports centre where you will be cheered and congratulated. There will be a water station at the turn.

A map detailing the run route is here

You must not use anything during the cycle or run that would impair your hearing or awareness of others – ie earphones.

The prize giving will take place soon after the last competitor has crossed the finish line. This is likely to be before noon. Please stay for the prize giving.

North Berwick Sports Centre has a café which will be serving hot and cold drinks and meals throughout the morning.