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Correction to Haddington Tri results

There was a slight discrepancy in the swim times, due to each heat starting 30 seconds later than planned. The good news is that this means that all competitors swim time (and thus overall time), is now 30 seconds less than in the initial results. See here for the final results.

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Haddington Triathlon 2016 Prize Winners

The following are the prize winners from Sundays race.

1st Female – Rachel Jackson (01:36:04)
1st Male – Jonny Cunningham (01:23:21)

1st Female – Deborah Dickinson (01:12:39) – 1st female overall  
2nd Female – Katie Bain (01:13:49)
3rd Female – Lesley Cook (01:16:11)

1st Male – Graeme Oudney (01:06:44)
2nd Male – Neal Herbert (01:08:15)
3rd Male – Marcus Ingram (01:09:23)

1st Female – Jaqueline Corless (01:17:53)
2nd Female – Jennifer Liddle (01:18:55)
3rd Female – Rebecca Helliwell (01:20:48)

1st Male – Stephen Clark (01:01:19) – 1st male overall
2nd Male – Tim Griffin (01:03:11)
3rd Male – Calum Lennen (01:09:06)

Super Vet
1st Female – Anne Peat (01:15:14)
2nd Female – Mary Kerr (01:22:09)
3rd Female – Jan Riley (01:27:55)

1st Male – Kenton Jones (01:09:33)
2nd Male – Fraser Arnot (01:10:14)
3rd Male – Stephen Whiston (01:11:18)

1st Male – Craig Mcgibbon (01:27:43) *1
2nd Male – Tom Ross (01:29:12) *1
3nd Male – Arnott Kidd (01:37:17)

*1 This was incorrectly awarded at the prize giving – apologies to Craig and Tom for this – the prize is in the post!


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2016 Haddington Sprint Triathlon Results

A big thank you to all the competitors an volunteers that made todays race possible. The weather even turned out nice in the end.

The results are available here.

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