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Report on the North Berwick Novice Triathlon – 8 May 2016

165 men, women and children took part in the North Berwick Novice Triathlon on Sunday 8 May 2016. For many this was their first opportunity to take part in a triathlon. Hopefully this will have given the competitors the confidence to enter similar or tougher events in the future.

Prizes winners were:

1st Male Neal Herbert 39:59
2nd Male Fearghas Thomas 40:26
3rd Male Mark Gordon 41:08
1st Female Fiona Gibson 43:19
2nd Female Jenny Gries 46:45
3rd Female Lisa McDonald 48:09
1st North Berwick Male Fraser Lovell 45:50
2nr North Berwick Female Fiona Johnston 50:32
1st Team LYT 40:11
2nd Team Cameron 2 42:57
3rd Team Cameron 1 43:33
1st child swimmer Holly Cameron 3:46
2nd child swimmer Robyn Cameron 4:26
3rd child swimmer Saskia Drijver-Headley 4:32

Full results can be found herePhotos can be found here.

The organisers have donated £300 to the North Berwick Rotary Club who provided marshals along the entire run and cycle route. They also thanked members of the local community who helped out in and around the Sports Centre.


Report on the North Berwick Novice Triathlon – May 2015

Well done to everyone who took part in today’s triathlon.

The organisers would like to thank all the marshals and helpers who made the event possible today. These included many local family members and friends, North Berwick Rotary, and North Berwick High School pupils who plan to visit Malawi next year. The organisers will be donating £200 to CHAS as thanks to the helpers.

Bob Marshall took some great photos of everyone on route. These are available here. Ian Goodall took more photos in and around the sports centre. These will be available soon.

It was great that so many people stayed for the prize giving. We hope that every participant collected their finishing gift. If you did not get one then please contact us, so that can try to get one to you, but not by post.


1st Male: Euan Miles 39.15
2nd Male: Mark Gordon 40.05
3rd Male: James Leonrd 41.50

1st Female: Jessica Verrall 45.21
2nd Female: Louise Mitchell 46.37
3rd Female: Wilma Kerr 46.54

1st Local Male: Noah Poole 46.59
1st Local Female: Sally Morton 48.55

1st Team: Cameron RMD 41.19
2nd Team: Cameron HLP 43.27
3rd Team: Team McHaul’in 44.37

Ist child swimmer: Carrie Banks  3.51
2nd child swimmer: Holly Cameron 3.53
3rd child swimmer:  Robyn Cameron 4.49

Full race results are available here

We would like to give a special mention to the best supporting family, the participant who set off on her cycle with no shoes, and to the young team player who persevered.

We hope that you enjoyed the day and that it will inspire you to take part in future triathlons. ELTC will be hosting the Haddington Sprint Triathlon on Sunday 30 August 2015 and hopefully the Foxlake Junior Triathlon on Sunday 27 September 2015.

Kind regards Saartje and Cath

Report on the Foxlake Junior Triathlon – posted 2nd Sep 2014

Well done to everyone who took part in our first Foxlkake Junior Triathlon on Sunday 21 September 2014.

66 juniors between the age of 10 and 15 years old took part. They swam in the cold Foxlake, cycled along farm tracks and ran through the woods to complete the route.
Both competitors and helpers benefitted from fine, sunny weather.

The organisers would like to thank all those who helped beforehand and on the day, to ensure that the event was enjoyable and safe. A special thanks goes to all the staff at Foxlake Adventures for allowing us to use Foxlake and the surrounding area.

The winners are:
First 10 year old girl Meira Jardine – time 26.50
First 10 year old boy Dougal Ashcroft – time 28.58
First 11 year old girl Niamh Edgar – time 20.20
First 11 year old boy Lachlan Cambell – time 23.48
First 12 year old girl Anna Flynn – time 20.09
First 12 year old boy Leo Foulds – time 23.56
First 13 year old girl Elizabeth Winton – time 41.05
First 13 year old boy Innes Minto – time 38.39
First 14 year old girl Louise Caei – time 43.18
First 14 year old boy Jonny Cunningham – time 41.35
First 15 year old girl Emma Willmott  – time 44.37
First 15 year old boy Noah Poole – 39.08

Cath Brookes and Saartje Drijver

Report on the Haddington Triathlon – posted 13th Sep 2014

A sunny, warm and wind free day meant perfect conditions for the 154 competitors in the 15th Haddington triathlon. Since it is a ranking event, Triathlon Scotland provided technical officials and draft busters to help referee the race.

A close finish between the first three ended up with Scot Mckelvie crossing the finish line first, but was relegated to second after being given a penalty for loosing his number. This promoted Craig Dale to first place. In the race for first female Anne Peat took the honours after a convincing swim, backed up by a good cycle gave her a lead that she never relinquished.

The prize winners were…

1st Male Senior : Craig Dale 0:58:24 (and 1st overall male)
2nd Male Senior: Scot Mckelvie 0:58:54
3rd Male Senior: Paul Davis 1:02:39

1st Female Senior: Carina Convery 1:13:02
2nd Female Senior: Mari Laidlaw 1:14:34
3rd Female Senior: Heidi Wood 1:16:31

1st Male Vet: Stephen Clark 0:59:19
2nd Male Vet: Ian Mclaughlin 1:03:25
3rd Male Vet: Frank Boyne 1:04:26

1st Female Vet: Anne Peat 1:12:17 (and 1st overall female)
2nd Female Vet: Fiona Milligan 1:14:34
3rd Female Vet: Iona Reid 1:20:16

1st Male Super Vet: Kenton Jones 1:07:55

1st Female Super Vet: Sarah Jones 1:15:54

1st Female Vintage: Sue Kingston 1:29:51

1st local: Craig Goldie 1:04:47

A special thanks to all the marshals that helped keep the competitors on track and safe.


Report on the North Berwick Novice Triathlon – posted 12th May 2014

1st Male: John McDonald 39:11
2nd Male Euan Miles 40.35
3rd Male Darren Hunter 40.38

1st Female Emma Harley 46.08
2nd Female Helen Howl 46.50
3rd Female Gemma Langlands 47.31

1st local male Jack Poole 43.19
1st local female Sally Morton 48.08

1st team Turner Trotters
2nd Team Beauty and the Beast
3rd Team Vel Enjun

1st child swimmer Andrew Sawkins 3.01
2nd child swimmer Charlie Smith 3.05
3rd child swimmer Eve Lissaman 3.30

Best team names as chosen by North Berwick Sports Centre staff: The Fire Fish and Boom Chucker Waa Waa.

Prize for Sportsmanship: Christine Howson
Prize for Perseverence: Margo Boyle
Prize for Best Marshall: Craig Goldie

Now in its 13th year the North Berwick Novice Triathlon ran smoothly on Sunday 11 May 2014. With light winds and cool temperatures 160 competitors raced round the course: 250m swim, 9k cycle and 4k run. Many had never done a triathlon before. As always there was a friendly atmosphere with many competitors commenting on the helpfulness of all the volunteer helpers.

The organisers would like to thank all the many volunteers who encouraged the competitors and kept them safe on the day.- Saartje

Report on the Haddington Triathlon – posted 7th September 2009

Luckily the rain stopped in time for the 15th Haddington Triathlon to go ahead as planned on Sunday 6th September. The event was a huge success, well supported by competitors and marshalls. There was a very close fought race for first place with Andrew Fish from West Lothian completing the 750 m swim, 20 km cycle and 5 km run in a time of 1 hour 2 minutes and 11 seconds, only 46 seconds ahead of Kevin Henderson! The first female home, after an amazing swim (84 seconds quicker than the next fastest swimmer!) was Lucy Ross from Stirling in a time of 1 h 5 min 16 s. Jane Stevenson was the second lady overall with a time of 1 h 10 min 48 s. The fastest local athletes were Mike Skinner 1.05.22; Mike Legget 1.09.08; Benjamin Christman 1.09.29; Rachel Berry 1.18.49 & Frances Johnston 1.27.50. East Lothian Triathlon Club would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who helped make the event such a great success, especially the volunteers who gave up their time to marshall the event and without whom the event could not take place. Thank you.-Becky

Triathlon Training Afternoon on 20th June with Caroline Toshack – posted 22 June

On Saturday 20th June a small but keen group were put through their paces by Caroline Toshack, 2007 and 2008 European Duathlon Champion. We were given plenty of practical advice about transition set up and there was a lot of hilarity as we practised running onto the bike with our bike shoes flapping on the bike! Everyone’s running style was individually assessed and we each got a couple of pointers to imrove our efficiency. And we finished with a pool session which included swimming skills for open water – swimming in groups, around buoys and through the waves – provided with much glee by all! If you missed out this time… keep an eye out for our next training afternoon which is due in October. -Fleur

Report on Cycle to Hailes Castle Tuesday 16th June – posted 26th June

The club joined the bike week cycle to Hailes castle last Tuesday. The weather was perfect for a leisurely cycle to the castle. Cyclists left from Haddington, Dunbar and North Berwick all meeting at the castle for refreshments and a chat. The Haddington group took the dircet route to be first at the castle, but didn’t have too wait too long before three entrepid cyclists from Dunbar appeared! The North Berwick group had been very sociable picking up cyclists they met on their way, and were closely followed by more cyclists from Dunbar! After drinks, snacks, lots of chatter but unfortunately no kingfisher sightings on the river, it was time to head home again. The weather held for the journey home which was, of course, at a leisurely pace to allow for more chatter! A very enjoyable evening. -Becky

North Berwick Novice Triathlon 2009 – posted 11 May 2009

The 8th North Berwick Novice Triathlon attracted a record 132 entries on Sunday 10th May. The organisers were delighted that a third of the entries came from those who stated that this was their first thiathlon and that the same percentage were from East Lothian. The race was won by Andrew Fish in 36.19, closely followed by David Denton in 38.25. There was a tie win for Sarah Penny and Susan Lyall at 45.08 followed by Katie Wardle in 45.14. First local male and female were Ian Sills and Katie Carrick Adams. First male and female novices home were Joe Avent and Frances Johnston. Children were able to make up teams and take part in the swim section of the race and the organisers were surprised to see as many as 27 children take part. The fastest swimmer was Neil McLoed who swam 250m in 3.14, he and many of the children swam faster than the overall winners! The organisers were lucky with the fine weather and everyone enjoyed the outdoor prize giving. – Saartje

Report on 10mile Cycle Time Trial – Sunday 3 May – posted 4 May 2009

The first cycle time trial of the season was sunny, but very windy! Thanks to the support from the North Berwick Law Cycle Group there was a great turnout of 13 cyclists. Very well done to Michael P who clocked a fantastic 25min55 and bad luck to Shona who suffered a flat tyre! Keep watching this space for the next time trial date.

Long awaited report – Neil’s Ironman Florida Experience – posted March 2009

I was in Florida in November for my Ironman. This was the culmination of a couple of years of training, much of it in the cold, dark and wet sitting on a saddle (and that was just last summer). It probably was not the best preparation for a race in unbroken sunshine with temperatures in the mid-70s, but living in Scotland there is not much you can do about that.

They say Ironman Florida is the most popular in the world – the 2,600 places generally sell out in less than two minutes. It takes place in Panama City Beach, which my wife described as Blackpool with sun (and she was being kind). It is not the Florida that you see in brochures. It was great for the race (clear blue Gulf water at 70 degrees (the Americans call this “cold” – they should try the North Sea in summer!), roads that are flat and smooth, and sunny and warm without being hot, and the support on the day was magnificent, particularly on the cycle and run when whole towns came out to man the feeding stations), but there was nothing to do for a holiday. The event has 4,000 volunteers who are there from 6am until midnight and do everything for you (a team took your wetsuit off after the swim (a shock for the one man who forgot to put his trunks on), took you to the change tent to get you dressed, put your suncream on, took away and bagged your used gear, and after the cycle even put your bike back on the rack). At the end they even helped you find your family, which was just as well as after crossing the finish line I was walking round and round in circles. The organisation was excellent.

As for the race itself, I got up just after 3am to start to take on liquids (and warm up with some sprints to the loo as a result) and have a huge breakfast, and the race started at first light, just after we sang the American National Anthem of course. The race passed surprisingly quickly – my swim was great, cycle tough in the middle when I got to the “rolling” part of the (“flat”) course and it was into the wind, and the run good at the start and end but hard going in the middle. I finished in 13 hours 53 minutes – I would have liked to have gone faster but with hindsight I trained hard and gave it everything I had on the day – which placed me just better than one quarter of the field, which is about usual for me. I made good use of the hot tub at my apartment the next day but was actually in remarkably good condition – I have been much worse after shorter races.

So no more triathlons for me next year – more golf and hillwalking instead. The event was magnificent and I will never forget it, but the training hard and extremely time consuming (and I’ll not forget that either). I thought the family would be pleased with me being around more at weekends, but I have already had comments like “Why are you here?” and “Why don’t you go out on your bike?” and am starting to get the message. I am already getting itchy feet – there is a Half Ironman race in Monaco that looks great and the run is on part of the grand prix circuit?..maybe in a couple of years.


New Year Training Afternoon on 10 January 2009

Louisa’s been back again to inspire, motivate and torture us with a fantastic turbo session and plenty of training recommendations which gave us all something to work on for the forthcoming months. Hopefully if we follow her advice we’ll all be achieving our triathlon goals in the forthcoming season!

My experience of the Winter Training Afternoon on 29th November 2008

Louisa Edmonston of returned to give us more to think about with her session on Winter Training on Saturday 29th November 2008. Some ran and others struggled up and down the hill by the Railway Station Hotel – apologies to anyone passing us that afternoon who thought my red face was some kind of warning beacon! After a break, we worked through a strength and conditioning set that had our glutes burning and gave us food for thought about our gym programme for the winter months. And then we were off to the pool for lots of drills to improve our catch and rotation in the water. So – winter training then – in a capsule it’s all about building up endurance, getting stronger to prevent injuries next season and fine-tuning your technique for each discipline… so plenty of reasons to keep me off the couch in the cold, dark days ahead!

New Cycle Group on Sundays at 8am

A new cycle group has started to which all Tri Club members are welcome. The group will be leaving from Law Cycles in North Berwick at 8am every Sunday morning. The group is aiming to cater for all, and will follow a flat course for 20 miles ? those who want to go on will then find some hills.

Haddington Triathlon – 7 September 2008

Becky’s report about the day:”What a day and what an amazing organising committee! Despite the weather, a flooded run route and a few other problems (which were handled so well none of the competitors even knew about them) the 14th Haddington Triathlon was another huge success.  Fleur, Catherine, Saartje, Shona, Pete and all the marshals did a fantastic job of keeping everyone safe in the dismal weather, changing the run route at the last minute (to avoid a swim, cycle, swim scenario!) whilst still providing a very professional, friendly, enjoyable event. Andy Turnbull wasn’t hindered by the weather, completing the course in 1hr 01.09 to be first home for the senior men.  Leading the senior ladies was Shona Forrest in a time of 1hr07.47. Our very own Shona had a fantastic event finishing 1st vet for the ladies in a time of 1hr18.29.  Fiona Plain, the only junior female to take part, put in a very strong performance to finish in 1hr16.46.  Perhaps the most amazing performance of the day was from Christine, after recently recovering from cancer, she not only completed the race to be 1st Super Vet home but also stood in the car park directing traffic in the cold and the wet from 6 o’clock in the morning!!  As well as the spectacular athletic performances there was also a huge camaraderie with bike and jacket sharing galore!  All in all a great day and a huge thank you to the organising committee and marshals who made the event possible.  THANK YOU.”

Honey Stinger Triathlon 12 July 2008

Congratulations to Emma, Finlay and Saartje for completing the Honey Stinger Triathlon in Gullane on 12th July 2008. Emma gives us her viewpoint on the day’s events, “Gullane Triathlon, was going to be a task in itself, never having done any open water swimming. I found myself in the middle of the pack, running out over a meter’s worth of jellyfish, followed by getting swam over and then what felt like swimming through jelly, and having the jelly fish bounce off my face! I managed to get around the two laps of the swim with slightly higher than normal adrenaline levels. Transition was fine and out onto the open road, wind in my face! It was a good cycle, I really enjoyed just being out of the water! The police and marshals were fantastic, no having to stop, cars were courteous, and the course, bar the driving wind and rain, was lovely. The run, well I think it was a little cruel to make it such a hilly course after what you have already done, but I knew what was coming, so kept my head down and just kept plodding until the finish line and then the sprint finish and it was all over. Would I do it again- probably yes and I would be saying my prayers that there wouldn’t be any jellyfish next year!